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Printing on Umbrellas - Sublimation Printing

Posted by Jen Zurowski on

An umbrella is a useful and unique corporate gift, and the recipient will be reminded of your company every time they use it.  In order to print a large, multi-coloured graphic or photographic image onto an umbrella, a sublimation print process is required.  In this method, the graphic/image is digitally printed on the fabric panels at our overseas factory before being sewn together and constructed on the frame.  The downsides are that it is a relatively expensive print process, the minimum order is larger and lead time is longer.  But the result is a stunning, eye-catching umbrella!

You can see this umbrella below has a graphic of an artist's painting on all 8 panels of the umbrella.

Check out more info on our premium quality designer custom umbrellas!  Minimum order for an order requiring a sublimation print is 200 units and lead time approx 12-14 weeks.

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