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Creating a Unique Designer Custom Umbrella

Posted by Jen Zurowski on

If you're thinking about giving an umbrella for your next corporate gift, try thinking outside of the box instead of giving a plain umbrella with your logo on it!  Here are some ideas for creating a unique designer custom umbrella:

1.  Add your logo to a designer umbrella.  Choose an umbrella with a unique design to add your logo to, instead of a plain umbrella.  Check out our designer collection here!

2.  Come up with a clever message to print on the umbrella that ties in your company/business with the rain.  Check out the umbrella we did below for the Stratford Festival (which is a Shakespeare festival).  We choose some rain quotes from Shakespeare plays to print on the umbrellas.

unique umbrella shakespeare quote rain

3.  Print on the inside of the umbrella so the carrier has something to read/look at!

4.  Adding your logo to the handle of the umbrella is a nice, subtle touch.  You can print the logo on a regular handle or engrave it into a wood handle.

handle printing umbrella

5.  Print your logo or message on the trim of the umbrella!

printed umbrella trim

6.  Print a photographic image over the entire exterior of an umbrella or on the inside of an umbrella.

all-over print on umbrella whales

 Doing something unique to create a designer umbrella for your company is worth'll create something the gift receiver finds unique and it will attract attention on the street!

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