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Create custom umbrellas for your Toronto business

Toronto has a rainy spring and fall season and lots of urban commuters that require rain umbrellas to get to and from work. This makes umbrellas custom printed with your company's logo a useful, yet very visible way to promote your company's brand. At Cheeky Umbrella, we specialize only in custom umbrellas, manufacture our own products and sell them direct to the end customer. This enables us to offer unrivaled expertise and quality for an affordable price.

Why Choose us?

custom umbrellas toronto


We manufacture our own umbrellas so that we have total control over the quality, ensuring your umbrella looks and feels premium and is built with strength and durability.

custom umbrellas toronto


We are able to offer prices that are 30-50% lower than what you would pay through a retailer or promotional products distributor. We do it by manufacturing our own products and selling them direct to the end customer (no middleman).

custom umbrellas toronto


We specialize only in umbrellas and have been manufacturing them for nearly a decade, enabling us to recommend the best umbrella for your needs and budget.

custom umbrellas toronto


We ship from within Canada, which means less expensive shipping and no additional duties or brokerage!

toronto businesses We have worked with

Here are just a few of the Toronto companies we have worked with: KPMG, Marriott hotels, Asahi Beer, City of Peterborough, Chestnut Park Realty, Chumak & Company Law, Frank Brewing, Side Launch Brewing, Bayside Brewing, Niagara Region, among many others! See some of our previous work here!