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Lifetime Frame Warranty

repairable umbrella

We are proud to introduce a Lifetime Frame Warranty on our rain umbrellas!  If your umbrella breaks in its lifetime, we will repair or replace it.












repairable umbrella
Our newest rain umbrellas have the following features: a handle with a screw that allows it to be removed and replaced, a cap on top can be screwed off and a new one screwed on, tips at the ends of the ribs that can easily be replaced, and a fabric cover that can be easily removed off the frame and put on a new frame.

repairable umbrellaThis makes our rain umbrellas a gift that keeps on giving!  Its longevity will ensure the owner stays dry for years to come, and it reduces landfill waste.  Some of our products don't have all of these features yet, since we are still transitioning our products to this.  But not to worry - we will still offer the lifetime warranty on any product you buy from us! Read more warranty details here!