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Own an umbrella you can rely on

When you are shopping for an umbrella, you want something that is going to hold up to frequent use and harsh weather. At Cheeky Umbrella, we specialize only in umbrellas, and our focus is on providing the best quality and service in the market. We do it by manufacturing our own products so we can control the quality and selling them direct to you (no middleman) so we can offer an affordable price.

Why Choose us?

Highest Quality

We manufacture our own umbrellas so we can ensure the highest quality, and stand behind them with a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.

Affordable Prices

We manufacture and sell our products direct to you (no middleman) at manufacturer-direct prices.


We have been focused only on umbrellas for over ten years. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get a final product that exceeds your expectations.


Our products have been designed with durability specifically for the Canadian outdoors and since we ship from within Canada, you save on shipping costs.