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About Us


We are Canada's source for high quality rain umbrellas and patio umbrellas.  We manufacture our own products so we can ensure the quality, and sell them to you at manufacturer-direct prices. Buy an umbrella in our online shop or create a custom printed umbrella for your business.  We serve cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and more.


Cheeky Umbrella began with a rebellious or “cheeky” spirit:  to offer umbrellas with premium quality and design at an affordable price.

The idea was born when the founder moved to Vancouver, BC on the rainy west coast of Canada and was astounded at the limited choices for umbrellas.  This experience inspired her to create Cheeky Umbrella to provide an alternative.  

Today, our company continues to rebel by circumventing traditional sales channels and selling our products directly to the end user (no middleman/retailer/distributor).  This allows us to provide the best quality and service in the market for a lower price. 


Highest Quality
We manufacture our own umbrellas so that we can ensure the highest quality, and we stand behind them with a strong warranty policy on each product.

Unbeatable Prices
We guarantee you will not be able to find umbrellas that  match our quality for a lower price.  We manufacture and sell our products direct to you (no middleman), enabling us to offer manufacturer-direct prices.

We have over ten years experience designing and manufacturing quality umbrellas,  We specialize only in umbrellas and know them inside out, so that we can recommend the perfect umbrella to suit your needs and budget.

Our products have been designed with durability specifically for the Canadian market, and since we ship from within Canada, you save on shipping costs.