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Don't Waste Money on Poor Quality Umbrellas

Have you bought umbrellas for your company in the past and been disappointed when they broke and/or faded in a short period of time? Are you looking for custom umbrellas or commercial patio umbrellas for your business but are overwhelmed with the options and unsure how to compare the quality? Here at Cheeky Umbrella, we manufacture our own exclusive collection of high quality umbrellas and provide advice and expertise to ensure you get the right umbrellas for your needs and budget.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choosse Umbrellas - Patio Umbrellas Canada


Our collection is focused on quality, and we manufacture our own exclusive line of umbrellas, giving us complete control over the materials and workmanship.

Quality Umbrellas - Patio Umbrellas Canada


We have been focused only on umbrellas for over ten years, and have created an exclusive collection of products that reflect our core value of quality.

Why Choosse Umbrellas - Patio Umbrellas Canada


Our team provides advice and knowledge to ensure you get a final product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, and we stand behind the quality of our products with a generous warranty policy.

Why Choosse Umbrellas - Patio Umbrellas Canada


We are proudly a Canadian owned and operated company, and our products ship from within Canada, reducing additional duties and shipping costs.

What Makes Our Quality Better?

Durable Frames - Patio Umbrellas Canada

Durable Frames

Our focus is on making quality frames that last, so we have designed them to be strong, wind-resistant and rust-resistant.

Luxury Fabrics - Patio Umbrellas Canada

Performance Fabrics

We have chosen best-in-class fabrics that stand up to the elements with strength and tear-resistance, water-resistance, fade-resistance and fade-resistance.

Vibrant Logo Printing

Our inks and printing process are the best in the business, ensuring your logo looks vibrant, colour-accurate and the size and positioning is perfect on the panel.


Our stitching reduces fraying and tearing especially around the rib ends and panel edges.

Premium Printing - Patio Umbrellas Canada


The tips, handles and caps we use are top quality and contribute to the overall durability as well as provide a premium look and feel to the umbrella.

Durable Frames - Patio Umbrellas Canada


We have a diligent quality control process that ensures defects in materials and workmanship are rare.




Once we receive your request, we will provide you with pricing and our suggestions for products and/or printing.



We’ll require your logos in vectors/outlines in an AI or EPS file. If you don’t have your logo in that format, our designer can re-draw it for a small fee.



Once we have the deposit and logo(s), we’ll provide a digital mockup of the umbrella for your approval before we produce them.



We require a 50% deposit up front to confirm the order.



Your umbrellas arrive on time and looking beautiful!


At Cheeky Umbrella, we are Canada's premier source for custom umbrellas and custom commercial patio umbrellas. We create our custom umbrellas by adding your company's logo to in-stock products, or we help you create a more fully customized design at our overseas factory. We manufacture our own exclusive collection of products so we can ensure the highest quality. We are based in Vancouver, BC and serve cities across Canada. Read more

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Why should I purchase custom umbrellas for my business?

  • Useful. Custom umbrellas have a practical purpose compared to many other promotional products, so they are more likely to be used and less likely to sit in a closet or land in the garbage.
  • Memorable. Custom umbrellas are not as common of a promotional item as pens, mugs and t-shirts, so your custom umbrellas will stand out in a crowd and be remembered for years to come.
  • Visible. Custom umbrellas provide large format, eye-catching outdoor advertising for your company/brand.

Why should I purchase custom commercial patio umbrellas for my business?

  • 1. Comfort. Custom commercial patio umbrellas provide shade from the sun, providing a comfortable place for your customers to sit or dine.
  • 2. Visibility. Custom commercial patio umbrellas draw attention to your patio from passersby.
  • 3. Signage/Branding. Whether you choose to use fabric in your brand colours and/or print your logo on your custom commercial patio umbrellas, they attract attention to your business and increase awareness.

What are the best uses for custom umbrellas?

  • Employee use: Put your custom umbrellas in a stand in your office for employees to use for when they head outdoors to go to lunch or a meeting.
  • Guest use: Provide custom umbrellas for guests to use while visiting your location. E.g. In retail shops or hotels.
  • Outdoor activities: Custom umbrellas are useful for outdoor tours, events or sporting activities.
  • Corporate gifts: Give a custom umbrella as a thank-you to a customer for doing business with you.
  • Employee gifts/incentives: Give a custom umbrella to employees as a thank-you for doing great work.
  • Promotions: Giveaway custom umbrellas to increase your brand exposure in a particular area, or use the umbrellas as an incentive to purchase.
  • Fundraising: Re-sell custom umbrellas to raise money for your school, team or charity.

What are the methods for printing my logo/Artwork on an umbrella?

There are three ways for us to create a custom umbrella for you by printing on the umbrella: screen printing, heat transfer and digital sublimation.

Screen printing

In this method, a mesh screen is made with a stencil of your logo burned into it. Ink is squeezed through the screen and onto the umbrella panel. Screen printing is for solid colours only (no gradients), up to 4 colours maximum. This is the most economical print method and is the most common.

Heat transfer printing

In this method, your logo is digitally printed onto a vinyl substrate, cut out, and heat pressed onto the panel. This method is for multi-colour logos or logos with gradients. We don't use this method because we find the decal can peel over time. Screen printing or sublimation printing is our preference.

Digital sublimation printing

In this method, the entire panels are printed in full colour. The dye particles in the inks covert into gas and bond to the fibers of the fabric. This is the most versatile print method since anything can be accomplished, but it is also the most expensive and has a higher minimum order quantity.

What are my production options for custom umbrellas?


How It Works: We add your logo to in-stock umbrellas via the screen printing method or heat transfer method.

Limitations: Since the umbrella fabric is already sewn onto the frames, we are limited to printing only on the flattest part of each panel (bottom centre).

Minimum order: 25 units.

Production time: 2 weeks.


How It Works: You can customize the entire umbrella – from fabric colour to printing to handles. Production takes place at our overseas factory.

Limitations: None.

Minimum Order: 500 units.

Production Time: 16-20 weeks.

What are my production options for custom commercial patio umbrellas?


How It Works: We add your logo to in-stock patio umbrellas via the screen printing method or heat transfer method.

Limitations: Since we can’t print too close to panel edges and seams, we are limited to printing in the bottom centre portion of each panel. Plus you are limited to the frame sizes and fabric colours we have in stock.

Minimum order: 4 units.

Production time: 2-3 weeks.


How It Works: We stock frames in our warehouse and custom make the covers in the fabric you choose at our factory overseas and then air freight them here.

Limitations: You are limited to the frame sizes, colours and shapes we have in stock.

Minimum Order: 4 units.

Production Time: 3-4 weeks.


How It Works: You can customize the entire umbrella – from fabric colour to size to finish.

Limitations: None.

Minimum Order: Depends on style/type of umbrella.

Production Time: 12+ weeks depending on frame type.

What is your ordering process for custom umbrellas and custom commercial patio umbrellas?

Step 1: Quote. Let us know which umbrella you are interested in, show us your logo, and provide us your quantity, and we will provide pricing. Complete our Quote Request Form here.

Step 2: Logo/Artwork. If we are adding a logo to the umbrella, we require your logo in a vector format AI or EPS file of your logo. If you do not have your logo in this format, our designer can usually re-draw it for a fee of approx $30. If we are creating an all-over print at our overseas factory for you with a photographic image, we require the image in high resolution (at least 300dpi).

Step 3: Mock-up. We provide a digital mock-up for your approval before we proceed with production.

Step 4: 50% Deposit. We require a 50% deposit up front to confirm the order. We can accept cheques, Visa or Mastercard.

Step 5: Delivery. Your beautiful new umbrellas are delivered within the timeline given when the order was placed!

What is your warranty on your custom umbrellas and custom commercial patio umbrellas?

We stand behind our custom umbrellas and custom commercial patio umbrellas with a One Year Quality Guarantee. If your umbrella does not perform up to your expectations in the first year, we will provide a replacement, repair or refund.

Some of the patio umbrellas have a further fade-resistance and frame warranty…please see the individual product pages for more information.

If your patio umbrella is beyond the warranty, we are happy to provide replacement parts or replacement fabric covers whenever possible. Please contact us for pricing.

Which umbrella should I choose for my custom umbrellas and custom patio umbrellas?

You can read our Buyer’s Guide for Custom Umbrellas here or our Buyer’s Guide for Custom Patio Umbrellas here, or you can ask us for our help and advice!

You can also read our Custom Umbrellas Blog for further articles and information on custom umbrellas and custom patio umbrellas. A few recent articles include Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Custom Patio Umbrellas and Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Custom Umbrellas for Promotional Gifts

What are the types of custom umbrellas that you sell?

We sell 4 main categories of custom umbrellas:

-Custom Compact/Folding Umbrellas

- Custom Long Umbrellas

-Custom Golf Umbrellas

- Custom Patio Umbrellas

Where is the best place to get umbrellas in Vancouver?

If you are looking for umbrellas in Vancouver, here is what we recommend. For a simple, inexpensive option try the umbrellas by Vancouver Umbrella at London Drugs. If you're looking for a bit higher quality, try Fulton umbrellas at The Bay or some Shopper's Drug Mart locations. If you're looking for something with a designer look and a really long-lasting frame, try our Cheeky Umbrella Shop. And finally, if you're looking for custom umbrellas with your company's logo on them, then you've come to the right place...we are your best option!

Where is the best place to get patio umbrellas in Vancouver?

If you are looking for patio umbrellas in Vancouver, here is what we recommend. For patio umbrellas for your Vancouver home, we recommend either Ginger Jar or Crystalview Pool, Spa & Patio. If you're looking for custom patio umbrellas for commercial use at your Vancouver restaurant, bar or hotel, then you've come to the right place...we are your best option, with durable commercial grade patio umbrellas that you can purchase unprinted or printed with your logo!

Custom Umbrellas Supply A Lot Of Marketing Ground For Your Logo design!

Did you know regarding 89% of people recollect advertisers who gave these people useful promotional gifts? These days, many marketers prefer worth building with promotional customized umbrellas because people employ them always and therefore are most likely to remember them greater than before. Marketers looking front to big profits be aware of the benefits of marketing with custom umbrellas due to the fact everyone uses them. Using custom umbrellas, marketers can easily utilize a weather happening with their advantage and power visibility in a reasonably competitive marketplace.

Explore new organization opportunities with custom umbrellas! During the bad weather condition, the very first thought that attacks is taking cover. Together with such unpredictable weather situations, most people love inventory a trusty umbrella found in a vehicle, office or even home which not simply keeps them dry nevertheless also shelters their brain. You can easily acquire on that comfort room by providing a logo-imprinted umbrella, that may not just come of great make use of during adverse weather conditions but also keep the loved ones, clients, buyers and staff dry and even happy.

At Vancouver Umbrellas, we believe that customized umbrellas make a wonderful medium of communication. Always be it an outdoor coverage, rain umbrella or customized umbrella, they work as a new walking billboard. When a single sees a person having a colorful umbrella impressed together with your business information, that they may feel as if a multi-colored billboard is walking decrease the street that will be offering them great image experience and building some sort of large impression. Thus, these kinds of printed umbrellas pack perfect branding potential than normal small budget promotional items.

Offering Vast Variety of Customized Umbrellas Personalized to meet up with your needs Tastes and even Budgets

Today, marketers know that customized umbrellas are usually versatile and perfect regarding reaching out to great customer segments because everybody wants to be risk-free. Also, personalized umbrellas help to make a stylish and functional promotional tool as okay as an individual gift idea. Colorful and imprinted umbrellas are sought as wedding ceremony favors, gifts during charitable organization or business functions. They will make a good soul booster gift throughout the particular year.

Vancouver Umbrellas get pride in catering great types of customers along with typical requirements, budget teams and private tastes. We do recognize that with so many alternatives offered, you can find confused in choosing the right sort of promotional umbrella for the campaign. Custom umbrellas are ideal in all situations simply because they can be easily been able in a tote, backpack or even brief bag. If an individual are looking forward with regard to upscale promotions, it is usually best to seek custom made umbrellas which offer large coverage overheads and big imprint space.

We make an effort challenging to offer these promotional/personalized umbrellas at the just about all cost effective prices as compared to any other online custom made umbrella store. Whether an individual want to make your found customizable umbrella imprinted together with full dye sublimation or perhaps you prefer an individual panel printed umbrella, our own creative team can function according to your specs and they will support translate your ideas in to reality.

With thousands regarding satisfied customers, we even now feel there is the good way to get. If wish to understand read more about our own products, their prices or perhaps imprint options, give people a call at 604-980-4236 or you can get to.