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Custom Patio Umbrella Buyer's Guide

How do your umbrellas compare to others on the market?

A worn and/or faded patio umbrella out front of your restaurant does not leave a great impression with customers. Here are some things to consider when you are choosing your patio umbrella fabric:

  • Fade-resistance: Most patio umbrellas on the market use a dip-dyed polyester fabric, which fades so quickly that you can even notice a difference within 30 days. It might not be as noticeable if you have chosen a light colour like beige, but vibrant or dark colours (like red, green or black) will look faded very quickly. The two fabrics we sell are Olefin and Starbric (a solution-dyed Olefin blend). The regular Olefin fabric is at least 8 times more fade-resistant than the polyester fabric that is found on the majority of patio umbrellas, and the Starbric is at least 20 times more fade-resistant than regular polyester. The reason the Starbric is more fade-resistant is because it is solution-dyed - which means the fibers were pigmented before the fabric was woven together, giving it longer colourfastness than if the fibers were dipped/painted after the fabric was woven together. Sunbrella is a solution-dyed acrylic fabric and is the most fade-resistant, with a no-fade guarantee of five years.
Patio Umbrella Fabric Fade Resistance
  • Sewing: The rib pockets on patio umbrellas are often one thin layer of fabric and rip/tear easily. The rib pockets on all our umbrellas have been reinforced with extra fabric and sewing so that there is little chance of ripping.

In a commercial environment (restaurant, bar, café or hotel), patio umbrellas are put through the wringer…they are put up and taken down many times over, they are left outside for long periods of time in a wide variety of weather conditions, and they are handled by employees that may or may not treat them gently. So, what we’re saying is…durability is really important! Here are some features/items to consider when choosing your patio umbrella frame:

  • Frame material (pole and ribs): We do not recommend wood nor steel - wood tends to warp and crack, and steel is heavy and rusts. The options we recommend are aluminum or fiberglass. Aluminum is rust-resistant and weathers well, but doesn't have the flexibility of fiberglass. Fiberglass is the most weather-resistant and most wind-resistant due to its flexibility (it can bend and flex in the wind), but isn't as lightweight or elegant in appearance.
  • Rib shape: Our ribs are a hollow oval or square shape, making them lightweight but stronger than solid ribs with the same mass. The reason can be explained scientifically - the same reason bones of humans and birds are hollow!
  • Rib and pole size: The dimensions and thickness of the material that make up the ribs and pole affect its durability. You'll find our frames typically have larger and thicker ribs and pole than comparable products.
  • Tilt: Tilting function is prone to breakage so if you don't require it, then skip that option.
  • Open function: We have chosen a pulley and pin system (fiberglass umbrellas) or push and click system (aluminum umbrellas) over a crank open because it is less prone to breakage and it locks the umbrella in an open position so it can’t accidentally close.
  • Warranty: Many patio umbrellas do not come with a warranty or it is very limited. We back up all our umbrellas with a minimum of one year warranty.
  • Repairable parts: Some of our fiberglass patio umbrellas have a repairable frame, so that even beyond the warranty period, you can repair your umbrella.
What size should I choose?

We typically recommend an umbrella that is 3-4 feet larger in diameter than the table.  E.g.  A 6 foot umbrella works well for a 2.5-3 foot table and an 8 foot umbrella works well for a 4-5 foot table.

Why should I custom print my patio umbrellas?

Patio umbrellas provide an opportunity to create a larger presence, attract attention, communicate a message and/or extend your brand look and feel. Unprinted patio umbrellas are like having empty billboards sitting out front of your restaurant, café or bar! Depending on your brand identity, you can print large and bright, or simple and subtle…the options are endless.