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Patio Umbrella Product Comparison

How do the different patio umbrella products compare?

3 Product Collections

We have three collections of products:  Promotional Patio Umbrellas, Pub Patio Umbrellas and Restaurant Patio Umbrellas.  Essentially the quality is "good, better and best" and each collection is meant to hit a different price point.  Typically, the rule of thumb is the more you spend, the more longevity you will get.

  • Promotional Collection:  Good quality frame (good durability and wind-resistance) , simpler features (e.g. open function is push and click, hardware is resin), good fade resistance, lowest price in our range.  One year warranty on frame and fabric.
  • Pub Collection:  Better quality frame (stronger ribs and pole), more features (e.g. open function is pulley and pin), better fade resistance, mid-price in our range.  Two year warranty on frame and fabric.
  • Restaurant Collection:  Best quality frame (thickest ribs, strongest hub, strongest pole), best features (e.g. open function is pulley and pin, hardware is combination of aluminum and nylon), best fade resistance, highest price in our range.  Five year warranty on frame and fabric.

    Hopefully that helps you make a decision on what product might work best for your company.  If you need further assistance in choosing, please ask us!