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Rain Umbrella Product Comparison

How do the different rain umbrella products compare?

3 Product Collections

We have three collections of products:  Promotional Umbrellas, Classic Umbrellas and Premium Umbrellas.  Essentially the quality is "good, better and best" and each collection is meant to hit a different price point.

  • Promotional Collection:  Good quality frame (durability and wind-resistance) , simpler features (e.g. open function, handles and hardware), basic fabric threadcount (strength and feel), lowest price in our range.
  • Classic Collection:  Better quality frame (durability and wind-resistance) , more features (e.g. open function, handles and hardware), higher fabric threadcount (strength and feel), mid-price in our range.
  • Premium Collection:  Best quality frame (durability and wind-resistance) , best features (e.g. open function, handles and hardware), highest fabric threadcount (strength and feel), highest price in our range.

3 Types of Umbrellas

There are three different styles/types of umbrellas:

  • Compact umbrella:  These umbrellas fold down to a small size that you can fit in your bag or purse.  They are more portable, but you trade off some durability since they have more moving/folding parts so are more susceptible to damage.
  • Long umbrella:  These umbrellas don't fold to a small size, but are more durable as a result, and also have a more elegant shape.  They often have a hook handle.
  • Golf umbrella:  Like the long umbrellas, these umbrellas also don't fold to a small size, so they are more durable and elegantly shaped.  They usually have straight handles and are a larger size for more coverage.

Hopefully that helps you make a decision on what product might work best for your company.  If you need further assistance in choosing, please ask us!