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Umbrella Care


Taking good care of your umbrella will ensure it has a long life.  Check out our umbrella care tips below.

  • Your umbrella will be slow to dry and at a higher risk of mildew and rust if you tie it up when it's wet. Leave your umbrella open to dry thoroughly before closing it.
  • Sometimes the ribs can get caught in the fabric or on one another when the umbrella is closed up.  So, before you open your umbrella, give it a little shake to free the ribs first so that you don't risk bending or breaking the ribs. 
  • Avoid carrying your umbrella in high winds if you can, and always carry your umbrella facing into the wind.
  • Don't lean on your umbrella like a walking stick or cane, or you may risk bending the shaft or losing the umbrella ferrule on the top.
  • Store your umbrella in a cool, dark place like a closet.  Direct sunlight or heat can cause problems with your umbrella such as warping or fading.  E.g. Take care not to leave it in a hot car for a long period of time.
  • Don't store your umbrella in your vehicle and pile things on top of it!  You risk bending the shaft or breaking the ribs.
  • The pointed metal tips on the end of the ribs protrude the furthest from the umbrella and as a result, they are vulnerable to poking other people (or yourself!) and/or hitting or catching them on items as you pass them.  Be careful with the tips so you don't injure someone or lose them!