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Vancouver company rebels against the industry, providing a better way to buy custom promotional umbrellas in Canada

The promotional products industry is worth over 1.8 billion dollars in Canada, so it is likely that most of us have purchased promotional products at some point in our career – those items with your company logo printed on them for gifting or giveaway purposes.  It is also likely that you found the promotional products buying experience to be frustrating - there seem to be hundreds of products to choose from and the guidance you get is often limited since the promotional products distributor/agency that is selling them sells so many different items (from umbrellas to pens to hats) that they don’t have much specific knowledge or expertise on the technical details of each.  In the category of custom promotional umbrellas, there is now a better option. 

Vancouver-based Cheeky Umbrella is a team of umbrella experts that offers a small, curated selection of high quality umbrellas that they manufacture themselves and sell direct to the end-customer.  This allows them to offer custom umbrella shoppers better quality and service for a lower price.

“The way we do business is with a rebellious spirit that challenges the status quo in our industry, and that is why we call ourselves ‘cheeky’,” says Founder Jen Zurowski.  “Instead of selling the products we manufacture through promotional products distributors, we’ve decided to sell direct to end customers so that we can control the whole purchase experience.  In a category like umbrellas where the product is technical and can be prone to breakage, quality and advice is especially important.”

Cheeky Umbrella began its operations ten years ago with a line of high-end women’s umbrella that they sold in gift shops across the country.  As they began to get more and more requests to do custom printed umbrellas for businesses, while watching the retail landscape shrink, they eventually turned their focus solely to custom umbrellas and found a profitable, high-growth niche.  Since they restructured the business two years ago, they have achieved steady growth of 35-40% per year.  Today, they have a variety of umbrellas in stock that they can add a company’s logo to, or they can create a fully customized design (such as a full colour all-over print).  Products include: stick umbrellas, compact umbrellas, golf umbrellas and patio umbrellas.

Cheeky Umbrella is Canada's leading source for premium quality custom promotional rain umbrellas and patio umbrellas. Add your logo to an in-stock product, or create a completely customized umbrella for your business.  For more information, please visit:

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