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Custom Logo Printing on Patio Umbrellas

Posted by Jen Zurowski on

The best way to add your logo to a patio umbrella is choose a fade-resistant fabric and screen print your logo on it. 

To screen print a logo on the patio umbrella, a mesh screen is made with a stencil of your logo burned into it. Ink is squeezed through the screen and onto the umbrella panel.  As a result, only solid colours can be accomplished (no gradients) and the maximum number of colours is 4. 

Another way to print on patio umbrellas is sublimation printing.  In this method, the entire panels are printed in full colour. The dye particles in the inks covert into gas and bond to the fibers of the fabric. This is the most versatile print method since anything can be accomplished, but we don't typically recommend it since the printing fades more quickly in the sun.


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