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Posted by Jen Zurowski on

A patio umbrella in a commercial setting (restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel) gets much more rigorous use than one in a residential/home setting - it is open and closed many more times, it is moved around a lot, and it is not cared for as well by staff as a home user would care for it.  As a result, if you are a commercial business seeking patio umbrellas, it is important to choose a patio umbrella that has been designed specifically for commercial use, or you will likely experience frequent breakage.  Here are a few quick tips for what to look for in a commercial patio umbrella:

  • Simple operation.  Tilt and/or crank open are not recommended for commercial patio umbrellas since they are the most susceptible areas for breakage.  Choose manual open styles and solid, non-tilting poles.
  • Durable frames.  Fiberglass ribs are recommended for commercial patio umbrellas since they are flexible and durable, to withstand wind and rough handling.
  • Fade-resistant fabric.  A fabric that holds its colour is important for commercial patio umbrellas that will be used every day in the spring/summer.
  • Heavy bases:  Bases that are 25-35kg (depending on the size of the umbrella) are important.  A base that is too light could mean an umbrella could blow over on a customer.

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