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Custom Umbrellas Vancouver

Posted by Jen Zurowski on

Vancouver is notorious for its rainy weather, and is also a mecca for outdoor activities.  As a result, umbrellas are a highly used item in the fall/winter rainy season, and custom umbrellas with your printed logo/artwork can be a useful, unique and high visibility way to promote your company or brand in Vancouver.

Here are a few ways umbrellas can be used to promote your company:

  • Corporate gifts: A rain umbrella custom printed with your company's logo and/or artwork is a practical corporate gift that will be used over and over again, reminding the recipient of your company/brand with each use.
  • Employee Swag:  Custom logo printed umbrellas are useful for employees heading out to meetings or on the job site, and promote pride in the workplace.
  • Fundraising Ideas:  Custom umbrellas can be a practical and unique fundraising product for your charity, schools and/or sports team.
  • Conference Gifts:  For out-of-town guests, a travel sized umbrella is a useful gift that will get used well beyond the visit or conference.  Many people forget to pack an umbrella when they go away, so it may even come in handy during the conference itself!
  • Outdoor Promotion/Advertising:  Promotional umbrellas custom printed with your logo are a great way to attract attention to your brand.
  • Hotel Guest Service:  Custom printed umbrellas for hotel guest use, is a great service for guests that are caught out of town without their umbrella.

At Cheeky Umbrella, we are the umbrella experts. We manufacture our own products so we can ensure the highest quality, and we sell them direct to you at manufacturer-direct prices.  Browse our premium quality rain umbrellas and patio umbrellas!

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