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Where Do I Find a Quality Umbrella in Canada?

Posted by Jen Zurowski on

The rainy weather has already returned this Fall.  You’d think that in one of the rainiest cities on the planet, Vancouver residents would know where to find a quality umbrella, but it is a tough find these days!  The retailers that sold higher quality umbrellas in the past have almost all disappeared – Gum Drops boutique in Kitsilano in Vancouver closed six years ago, Raindrops in Toronto closed two years ago, and finally last year, Bella Umbrella in Seattle closed and the iconic Umbrella Shop in Vancouver closed its doors.  Today, we believe your workplace is now the best place to find a quality umbrella and we'll explain why.

Where Have the Retailers Gone?
Most of the retail shops where you could find high quality umbrellas have closed.  Why?  We, at Cheeky Umbrella, sold a high-end line of women's umbrellas through retailers when we first started our business and here's what we learned.  The majority of consumers have a limit to what they'll pay for an umbrella, due to the fact that it is easily subjected to loss, theft or breakage.  Customers are willing to pay a bit more for quality, but not too much, since they could mistakenly leave it on a bus next week, it could get stolen from the umbrella rack next time they are at a restaurant, or their kids could slam it in the car door by mistake!   As manufacturing costs have gone up in recent years, it has pushed the better quality umbrellas out of this price range at retailers.  The specialty umbrella shops we mentioned above were selling umbrellas mostly above this price range, which made it difficult to sell enough volume to cover their expensive real estate costs and retail staff cost, and eventually led to their demise. 

Why is Your Workplace the Best Place to Get a Quality Umbrella?
Your employer has access to umbrella suppliers and pricing that you as an individual don’t have.  Businesses who want to buy umbrellas in bulk quantities custom printed with their logo for corporate gifts or promotional giveaways can find a variety of suppliers, including us!  There are some good quality umbrellas available, and since your company is buying in bulk, the prices are lower than what you’d pay at a retailer. 

With few options left for purchasing quality umbrellas at retail, umbrellas are becoming even more popular corporate gift.  A sturdy umbrella with your company’s logo on it is a great way to promote your company’s brand and a practical (and now coveted!) gift for customers or employees to receive.   So, see if you can convince your employer to purchase some quality custom logo printed umbrellas this Fall if you're in need of some rain shelter! 

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